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Based on a style originally designed by the great holster maker Bruce Nelson, this holster is worn on the hip by officers, agents and operators world-wide as the ultimate balance of speed and security.

The rear belt slot pulls the grip of the pistol into the body, while the belt tunnel on the inside of the pouch provides both speed and stability. Tightly hand boned for a secure fit, the Classic Speed Scabbard is felt by many to be the best all around design for concealment of a fighting handgun.

This holster is designed to ride high enough to conceal under a short jacket or windbreaker.

The neutral cant also allows this holster to be worn cross-draw if you are going to be seated for a longer period of time.

All of our holsters are cut to precisely fit 1 1/2" belts. Your pants may require a 1 1/4" belt. While the fit between the holster and belt will not be quite as snug, they will still work fine.

Can be carried at 10:00 cross draw or 3:00 strong side Neutral angle for wear at 3:00 on the strong side hip Notice the high ride that stays tight to the body Cross draw carry makes access to the pistol in a vehicle easier Belt tunnel provides great stabilty and security Available in mahogany or black

Remember to consider a package when ordering... get a Classic Speed Scabbard, Double-Thick Gun Belt, and a Magazine Carrier of your choice all for a discounted price!

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Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
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Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
Click the link above to get a package - holster, belt and magazine carrier - starting at $139.95