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The Contour Belt Slide is the ideal holster for those who want more concealment than a paddle, but do not want to go behind the back.

The contour cut, with the molding on the exterior of the holster and a flatter, slightly curved interior pulls the holster more tightly into the body than traditional pancake styles.

An open bottom means that similar frame size weapons will fit the same holster. (For example; 5", 4.25", 4", 3.5" and 3" 1911 style pistols all fit the same holster.)

The dual belt slots pull the weapon in close to the body, while the angle of the weapon is a 15 degree FBI cant, perfectly suited for just behind the hip wear on the strong side.

It is available for most auto-pistols, as well as many small revolvers.

All of our holsters are cut to precisely fit 1 1/2" belts. Your pants may require a 1 1/4" belt. While the fit between the holster and belt will not be as snug, they will still work.

Designed specifically for behind the strong side hip Conceals superbly behind the strong side hip Contour cut provides superior retention even after years of use Flat back provides more comfort and concealment Available in mahogany or black

Remember to consider a package when ordering... get a Contour Belt Slide, Double-Thick Gun Belt, and a Magazine Carrier of your choice all for a discounted price!

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Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
Click the link above to purchase your Contour Belt Slide holster for only $59.95

Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
Click the link above to get a package - holster, belt and magazine carrier - starting at $129.95