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If concealment is exceptionally high on your priority list, our Covert Carry is the answer!

Need to tuck in your shirt? No problem! There is a split in the construction that allows you to tuck your shirt in behind the clip - in front of the gun for total concealment!

The Covert Carry features a reinforced mouth with an ABS plastic insert between the layers of leather to keep the holster open for smooth re-holstering. The ABS will not deform, bend or rust like a steel insert would.

We construct the Covert Carry with the smooth side of the leather out. This allows us to mold the holster for the specific gun it is designed to carry and apply a hand-rubbed wax finish to resist moisture. Some other manufacturers use a cheaper grade of suede leather for the holster pouch because they say it keeps the holster from shifting while worn. Ever worn one of those during a hot day? The suede acts like a sponge, soaking up perspiration. It isn't comfortable and is not good for the finish of your handgun.

The attachment is a talon style clip with an aggressive hook on the inside of the clip that prevents it from coming off the belt, regardless of how forceful the draw. The clip is a full 1.25" wide, providing a stable platform so shifting is not a problem, provided the user wears their belt properly.

The clip is also offset to the side of the gun to make for a thinner profile, aiding in comfort and concealment. This offset also reduces pressure on the gun itself, making it easier to draw than other designs that place the clip directly over the frame of the weapon. Additionally, the offset clip puts pressure on the butt of the gun, keeping it tucked tightly into the body for great concealment.

The Covert Carry allows the user to run their gun at either 1:00 (appendix carry), or 4:00 (kidney carry) behind the hip. We do not recommend running the holster at 3:00 on the hip. The holster may have a tendency to "taco" too much, inhibiting an easy reholster - plus, it negates any benefit of carrying inside the waistband by putting it on the widest part of the body.

The Covert Carry will work with belts up to 1 3/4" wide.

Designed for carry in front of, on, or behind the strong side hip Reinforced mouthpiece for easier reholstering Aggressive talon clip locks securely into place Split in the construction allows for tucking the shirt Completely comfortable for appendix carry based on body type Concealed 1:00 appendix carry Perfectly suited for business attire - tucked in appendix carry Pictured behind the hip - 4:00 kidney carry Concealed 4:00 kidney carry Tucked in 4:00 kidney carry

Remember to consider a package when ordering... get a Covert Carry, Double-Thick Gun Belt, and a Magazine Carrier of your choice all for a discounted price!

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Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
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Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
Click the link above to get a package - holster, belt and magazine carrier - starting at $139.95