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We have had a large demand for a holster which both conceals well and remains easy to take on and off without removing the belt. Our Fusion Paddle holster was designed from the ground up specifically for civilian market and is not an adaptation of a mil/LE holster.

A paddle was the natural choice for this, and we were able to obtain a kydex paddle which performs to our strict specifications. Unlike many other designs, our paddle is a moderate size. The belt locking mechanism is wide enough so that the paddle does not pivot, which is another problem we have noticed in some designs. Our paddles are adjustable, so you can choose from neutral, FBI or cross-draw cant.

The primary function of a concealment holster is to suitably and safely conceal the handgun! Unfortunately, many paddle holsters do not meet the standard that we set for our gear. Too often the attachment point of the holster to paddle allows the butt of the gun, which is the hardest part to conceal, to flare away from the body. Ours is deliberately designed to pull the butt of the pistol in against the body. The holster is also designed to ride higher than many others of this style, again for concealment purposes. While these features are not "traditional" for this type of holster, they just flat work better.

The Fusion is a unique blend of new and old technologies, providing the user with a superior concealed carry while still allowing the ease of wear that is desired by those who have to frequently take the handgun on and off through the course of the day. This holster is ideal for the civilian CCW user.

The Fusion Paddle will work with belts up to 1 3/4".

Superior flexibility for carry positions Neutral angle for wear at 3:00 on the strong side hip Notice the high ride that stays close to the body Shown from front concealed at 3:00 Kydex paddle features aggressive lugs, adjustable cant and a lifetime guarantee 15 degree FBI cant behind the strong side hip Cross draw capable with reverse 15 degree angle Available in mahogany or black

We also offer a belt slide attachment for the Fusion that allows you to lace the holster through your belt. CLICK HERE

Check out the drop thigh rig that works in conjunction with the Fusion Paddle. CLICK HERE

Remember to consider a package when ordering... get a Fusion Paddle, Double-Thick Gun Belt, and a Magazine Carrier of your choice all for a discounted price!

CLICK HERE for break in procedures, long term care, warranty and return information.

Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
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Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
Click the link above to get a package - holster, belt and magazine carrier - starting at $129.95