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If you need the most concealment possible, then an IWB (inside the waistband) holster is what you're looking for.

Our Covert Carry and Undercover IWB holsters are perfectly concealed under a loose fitting shirt or jacket. Better yet, you can still use either of these if you need to tuck your shirt in!

We also offer the Summer Heat which conceals very well under a loose fitting shirt or jacket.

All of our IWB holsters are constructed of only the finest leathers available. We use premium domestic bullhide, which is slightly stiffer than cowhide. All of our bullhide is gum-finished, which gives a smoother interior to the holster, eliminating the need for lining leathers, as well as compressing the leather, making the overall product thinner, but with the same strength as a thicker leather holster.

Our IWB holsters all feature a reinforced mouth, utilizing space age ABS plastic inserts between the layers of leather to keep the holster open for smooth re-holstering. The ABS will not deform, permanently bend, or rust, which are always possibilities with steel inserts.

On the Covert Carry and Undercover, our attachment clips are "talon" style, with a very aggressive hook on the inside of the clip that will prevent it from coming detached from the belt, no matter how vigorous the drawing motion.

The Summer Heat uses two straps with snaps that loop onto your belt. This holster raises the gun up a bit in the pant.

The default construction of our IWB holsters is with the smooth side of the leather out. Many other makers use a cheaper grade of suede leather for the holster pouch, stating that this is needed to keep the holster from shifting while it is worn. Instead, we use a slightly heavier (and more expensive) grade of leather for the pouch. This allows us to hand mold the holster for the specific gun it is designed to carry, and makes the hand-rubbed wax finish we apply for moisture resistance possible. Anyone that has worn a suede IWB holster for one day during hot, humid weather can tell you that suede will act like a sponge for perspiration under these conditions. This is not comfortable, nor is it good for the finish of your handgun.

* Please note: We can not add a "sweat shield" "flab tab" or "slide guard" to our IWB holsters. For it to be effective, it must be reinforced with ABS. The labor required to add such a feature would almost double the price - something we do not want to do. We can not make one for you as a custom piece due to the time required and our current production schedule.

In the photo below, you can see where each of our holsters sit in relation to your belt.

Left: Summer Heat with a 5" 1911 -- Middle: Covert carry with Kahr 9mm -- Right: Undercover with 4" 1911

Telephone orders call (919)779-9582, Mon.-Thu., 10am-3pm EST.

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