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Our Speed Loader Carrier is the perfect solution for keeping your HKS Speed Loader close at hand for easier accessibility and a quicker reload.

The joy of a speed loader is the ability to load all the rounds at once with a simple twist of the knob. Gone are the days of having to run a speed strip in your pocket and then fumble loading rounds one at a time.

The simple design of our carrier is really easy to use. First, run the carrier behind the belt. Next, split the rounds over your belt to lock everything in place. (For a 5 shot reload, run 2 rounds behind the belt.) Lastly, simply fold the top down and snap into place.

Speed Loader Carriers are kept in stock for HKS 5 shot .38 and .357 models. (S&W J frame based revolvers, Ruger LCR, Taurus 85's and the like.) They can be made on a "made-to-order" basis for K, L, and N frame revolvers.

Run the carrier up behind your belt Split the rounds over top of your belt Snap into place for a secure fit and easy access Available in black or mahogany

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