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The Summer Heat IWB holster is our original IWB offering. Based on the Bruce Nelson Summer Special design, this holster incorporates all of the features and refinements detailed below, making it a great choice for concealed carry.

This style of IWB holster rides the handgun a little higher than other styles, which makes it ideal for longer handguns, such as 5" 1911's, full size USP's, XD Tactical models, etc. The higher ride prevents the barrel from digging into the hip bone or coccyx area of the body. (It also prevents this style of IWB from being suitable for any handguns with slide/barrel lengths of less than 4 inches, as the weapon will be top heavy and tend to want to over balance on the belt. The Covert Carry IWB's offer a deeper ride in the pants that is ideal for shorter auto-pistols and revolvers.)

Unlike most other similar holsters, our Summer Heat features one-way snaps to ensure they stay closed and do not accidentally come undone.

This holster features a reinforced mouth with an ABS plastic insert between the layers of leather to keep the holster open for smooth re-holstering. The ABS will not deform, bend or rust like a steel insert would.

The built in fifteen degree (FBI) cant makes for a perfect carry behind the hip at about 4:00. We do not recommend running the holster at 3:00 on the hip. The holster may have a tendency to "taco" too much, inhibiting an easy reholster - plus, it negates any benefit of carrying inside the waistband by putting it on the widest part of the body.

When worn, the belt keeps pressure on the holster's curved spine to keep the butt tucked in to the body.

All of our holsters are cut to precisely fit 1 1/2" belts. Your pants may require a 1 1/4" belt. While the fit between the holster and belt will not be as snug, they will still work.

Traditional design for a traditional IWB carry 15 degree FBI cant behind the strong side hip Conceals even a full size pistol with ease Reinforced mouthpiece for easier reholstering One way snaps for a secure fit have a lifetime guarantee Available in black or mahogany

Remember to consider a package when ordering... get a Summer Heat, Double-Thick Gun Belt, and a Magazine Carrier of your choice all for a discounted price!

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Go to our webstore and purchase your gear now!
Click the link above to get a package - holster, belt and magazine carrier - starting at $129.95