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Part of the concealment lifestyle is looking good. Psh. That's just part of life! What better way to look good than in some stylish Wild Bill's gear?!
Keep the sun out of your eyes and off your melon with one of our operator-style ball caps.
Look good even when you're not carrying. Yeah. Right. Like you ever leave your pistol at home!

Sticker bomb your gun case, tool box, trailer or whatever. Even if you just want a single pro-gun decal on your car to help deter would-be perpetrators, display your acute ability to choose the best gear with one of our vinyl decals. They're awesome. Enough said.
You can never learn enough when it comes to firearms proficiency. We take education and training very seriously and participate in training courses every chance we get. There are a LOT of instructors in the marketplace today, and we have hand-selected only the best DVDs from the best instructors to offer to you.