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The first thing to do is to think on a few things about your concealed carry needs.

1. How do you want to wear it?

If you're not new to concealed carry, you probably already know the answer to this question and can skip to number 3. But just for fun, think about it anyway. If you're new to carrying a concealed weapon, you might not know how to answer this, so go ahead to number 2.

2. Do you want to go inside or outside the waistband?

The majority of our customers want something on the outside. For most, it offers more comfort and convenience.

3. From 1 to 10, what level of concealment do you want?

If your answer is 7 or less, stick with something outside the waistband like our Contour Belt Slide or Fusion Paddle. If you need a really high degree of concealment, you want to go with an inside the waistband holster like our Covert Carry.

4. Are you going to wear it all day or are you going to have to take it on and off?

This is probably the most important question to consider. If you are NOT going to wear the holster all day, the Fusion Paddle is perfect for outside the waistband, and any of our IWB holsters will work if you want to carry inside the waistband. It will allow you the comfort and convenience of being able to take it on and off quickly and easily. If you WILL be wearing it all day, choose one of our belt mounted OWB holsters.

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